Monday, September 15, 2008

Let My People Think

On occasion I can interject a witty phrase in a timely manner. Usually, though, it is sometime later in the day (or the next morning) that the perfect 'zinger' comes to mind.

('Zinger' being defined as a word or group of words that concisely represent my point of view in a convincing manner. Ideally the 'zinger' is both humorous and thought-provoking. Worldly, the 'zinger' is often biting. I shy away from the vicious, yet when desiring something a little edgier, I choose sarcasm instead, which, in all honesty, does not come off much better.)

It's a beautiful thing to see humor and intelligence come together in a defense of the Bible, of Christ, and even God Himself. No one does it better than Ravi Zacharias.

RZIM has a daily devotional/thought-provoking email (A Slice of Infinity) to which I subscribe but often fail to read. Several days ago, Jill Carattini posted a piece call Scandalous Windows. A very good read. Convicting. About midway through she observes:

"Ours too are the cries of a desperate people, wrought with a sense of longing, yet burdened by a sense of depravity."


Friday, September 12, 2008